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The Hair Doctor

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Gift set

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Shower filter, replacement cartridge & shower comb

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Shower Filter

Hydrates dry, damaged hair.  Decreases frizz and dandruff.  Prolongs hair colour.  Increases hair growth and thickness.   Eases scalp irritation.

Our unique filter has been created to combat the specific effects of Irish hard water.  The Hair Doctor Filter contains 20 stages of filtration.  This 20-stage cartridge filters dust, rust, chlorine, heavy metals, iron, manganese, bacteria as well as smells and impurities.  It also raises the pH of water.  

Its Universal connection works with 98% of shower types including rain, fixed and handheld showers.


The 20 stage replacement cartridge for your The Hair Doctor Filter. 

This cartridge removes dust, rust, chlorine, iron, copper and other heavy metals.  Increases the PH level of the water.

Shower Comb

Our shower comb comes with a hook design to make it easy to hang in the shower. The wide teeth gently detangles hair without damage. Apply conditioner and simply comb it through.

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