About Us

My name is Keara Howard and I live in the countryside of the sunny South East

I am the Mammy of two little girls and my home is my haven. The well-being of my children and my ambition for their future is now my top priority.  That is mainly why I started this business – it allows my working week to be more flexible as I head towards my forties (everybody wants to be flexible at forty!).  
I started working in a salon at 14 with a ‘Saturday job’ and progressed to part time work which continued all the way through school.  One of my clients recently told me that she remembers me standing behind her in my school uniform blow drying her hair!

Together with my sister, Tanya, I opened our Scissor Sisterz hairdressing salon in Enniscorthy in 2006. My salon is my other baby and our team of six together with our loyal clients are my other family – I feel so lucky.

There’s not a hair or scalp issue that I haven’t come across.  An alarm bell rang with me after Covid because clients who had blamed their bad hair condition on over-processing and/or heating tools couldn’t understand why their hair condition hadn’t improved when they’d used nothing bar shampoo and conditioner for many months.  That got me thinking - the invisible problem had to be water quality.

I researched, adapted and developed my Hair Doctor Filter to solve this problem.

Keara x