• Prevents Hair Thinning

  • Hydrates Hair

  • Repairs Damaged Hair

  • Defrizzes Hair

  • Prolongs Hair Colour

  • Increases Growth

  • Thickens Hair

  • Eases Scalp Irritation

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Why Choose Our Filter?

  • Advanced 20 stage filtration removes minerals & impurities

  • Fits 98% of showers

  • Designed by a Master Stylist

  • Addresses declining hair quality

  • 30 day Money back guarantee

  • 99% positive client feedback

  • 100% Irish owned

  • 5 Star customer service

Environmental change

Environmental changes are leading to an increase in minerals in our water supply resulting in hard water. This is primarily due to elevated levels of rainwater, which collect more minerals as they pass through the environment and into our water sources. As a consequence of climate change, water quality is expected to deteriorate
further in the next few years, exacerbating the issue of hard water

How Long do the filter last?

Our Hair Doctor Shower Filter lasts between 3 to 6 months, depending on the number of shower users and the hardness of your water.

1 Shower User: Up to 6 months

2+ Shower Users Approximately 3 months

Please note, these durations may decrease if your water is extremely hard.

To ensure optimal performance, we recommend conducting monthly maintenance to keep your filter functioning at its peak.

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Brush Range

Our exclusive range of brushes, personally designed by the founder of the Hair Doctor. These brushes are crafted to make professional styling effortless while minimising damage. Elevate your hair care routine with tools designed for both performance and protection

Detangle Brush

Meet The Hair Doctor Founder

My name is Keara. I am a master stylist with 20+ years of experience and the owner of a successful salon. The journey of creating the Hair Doctor Shower Filter began when I noticed a significant deterioration in my clients hair condition. After extensive research, I discovered that hard water was causing major problems and was affecting many of my clients. Driven by a passion to improve the lives of those suffering from hair problems I developed the Hair Doctor Shower Filter.

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How to fit our filter

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  • S. Twooney

    "I'm so impressed with this fabulous product"
    "Not only is my hair much smoother but my skin feels less dry. Delivery was so fast and it was easy to attach to the shower unit"
  • Dawn T

    "I genuinely love the filter. I forgot to renew my filter and my hair is suffering!
    "It keeps my colour for longer and my hair in good condition"
    "Love it"
    "Ordering a new cartridge now"
  • Chloe

    "I washed my hair this morning and the difference in one wash, I could actually get the hair brush through and it actually dryed so much quicker my hair has shine and doesn't feel like straw"